• Пентагон уклав хмарні контракти на 9 млрд дол. з Google, Amazon, Oracle та Microsoft

    Як повідомляє Reuters, Пентагон в середу уклав контракти на хмарні обчислення на суму 9 мільярдів доларів кожен з компаніями Google, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft і Oracle.

  • Defining the Future of Marketing

    The world of marketing is continuously changing. We all know that. And if we’re honest, the fact that it keeps us on the edge of our seats year after year is why we love it. Living and breathing this change every day can make it seem incremental. But if we look back five, ten, or even 15 years, the world of marketing really has changed.

  • Oracle Graph Visualization Boosts Fight Against Money Laundering

    Oracle Financial Services has made its in-memory graph visualization tool, Investigation Hub, available in its enterprise case management application and in other third-party AML case managers. Investigators can interactively scrutinize money laundering networks and apply graph analytics to increase the effectiveness of their investigations. Unlike point solutions, this capability also saves on technology integration costs and the need for additional training on new tools.