SL Global Service “grants” each customer nearly half a million

SL Global Service company, which is a part of international ITC-consortium of Intercracy Group, offers businessmen to save about $60 000, using a service “Business-mail” via “Cloud” model.

“Business-mail” is a system of collective work, based on the technology of MS Exchange Server, with a built-in system of sending and receiving e-mails, shared and individual calendars, and also shared tasks and contacts of all enterprise. Earlier this service was available only to big business because of the complexity of implementation and high initial costs. Nowadays according to the director of SL Global Service Alexander Karichenskiy the company does not have to spend the sum of about half a million hryvnas (nearly $60 000), which was previously required to invest in IT infrastructure for the competent organization of business processes.

— The development of its own infrastructure for organizing the work of the corporate system of the exchange of information is very expensive for a number of reasons, says the director SL Global Service Alexander Karichenskiy. Thus, it is necessary to spend money on server hardware, communication channels, license software (including antiviruses) and wages of the staff of the IT- specialists, who will support entire infrastructure in running order. Only initial IT expenditures for the company of 200 people will comprise over $60 thousand. — in fact, we “grant” these money to such organizations, and they can spend their savings on the development of business, emphasizes Mr. Karichenskiy.

MS Exchange Server technology has become available for small and medium business because it is provided via “Cloud” model service — SaaS (Software as a Service). The essence of SaaS is that a providing service company (service-provider) takes cares of the functioning of collective work services and e-mail on their own equipement, and entrepreneur-client only pays a small monthly fee. At the same time the service provider SL Global Service (part of the consortium Intecracy Group) provides to the client a free access to a modern licensed software. The initial investements for using this service equal “zero” and services themselves are not expensive. (starting from 15 uah per month)

— Running “Cloud” services, the company SL Global Service has made possible for small and medium business that was previously considered as the prerogative of only very large companies, — believes a member of the supervisory board of the consortium Intecracy Group Anton Marrero. — After being connected to “Business-mail” entrepreneurs immediately move on to the new level of business development, increasing their competitive power on the market in several times.

About company

Company SL Global Service works in the Ukrainian IT-market since 2009 and specializes in providing “Cloud” services. The company is a part of international ITC-consortium of Intercracy Group. The quality of internal business processes is confirmed by certificates CMMi Level 4 and ISO 9001:2000.

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